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CBD tinctures are one of the basic mainstream cannabidiol products out there, and that’s what makes them such a popular choice. A tincture is a herbal liquid extract that is meant to be consumed orally. CBD tinctures contain the oil of the hemp plant, which is very rich in cannabidiol and enhances relaxation and wellness.

There’s an endless variety of CBD products out there, including CBD edibles,CBD pills and CBD vape oils, among others. What makes tinctures stand out is that they often contain the highest content of cannabidiol and are quite effective because of that.

For a strong CBD supplement that is easy to take, look out for CBD tinctures.

You simply ingest a few drops and reap all the benefits of a high-grade CBD supplement whenever you want.

What’s so great about CBD, you wonder?

CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in all plants of the cannabis family, including hemp and medicinal marijuana.

The significant health benefits for both sick and healthy individuals that medical marijuana has were only recently discovered. While most of those benefits were originally attributed to THC, the psychotropic substance, it was also discovered that other cannabinoids, like CBD, also contributed substantially.

CBD is non-psychotropic, which makes it legal in all states and most countries alike.

Our products are made with industrial hemp seed (and stalk) oil, which is very rich in CBD and only contains insignificant traces of THC.

The hemp plant has been cultivated since ancient times in Eastern Asia for its medicinal properties, fibers and oil.  One of our founding father's 'George Washington' was a Hemp Farmer.  Recent studies brought attention to the plant in the West, and CBD supplements have become increasingly popular.

How can you benefit from CBD?

In many Ways.

In modern society.  Doing your everyday chores or on an average day at work.  We take on too many responsibilities and tend to overwork ourselves, trying to balance family, career and hobbies. You end up returning home tired, and you still have family to think about and many stressful factors affecting you. The stress then ruins your relaxing time and hinders your sleep and rest.

Consequently, you – like most people out there – accumulate stress over time that leads to a never ending cycle of not getting enough sleep and being less productive at work.

CBD can put an end to that dangerous cycle of fatigue by relaxing your mind and body at the end of a stressful day. Cannabidiol lets you wind down enough to have a good night’s sleep and increases your general wellness.

CBD has no known side effects, and you can stop taking it at any time and start again whenever you want.

If you use CBD tinctures for the first time, remember that most of them are very potent, and it is best to start with a small serving size. Once you know how CBD makes you feel, you can increase your serving size until you get the precise results you want.

Tinctures usually come in two forms: as a spray, like our CBD Oil Spray, and as drops, like the CBD Oil Drops.

Their CBD content ranges from 250 mg, like in the CBD Elixir 250MG/30ML Original: CBD supplement, up to 2500 mg, like in the extra-potent CBD Elixir 2500MG/30ML Original: CBD complete drops.

Just remember: If you are pregnant or lactating, you should not take CBD as there hasn’t been any research on its effects on fetuses and babies. If you are suffering from a serious illness and/or taking medication, ask you GP before taking any new supplements. Keep your CBD products stored in a cool and dry place away from the reach of children and pets.

CBD is a very safe and fun substance that can improve your quality of life significantly.

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There are so many different products out there that provide a healthy daily boost of cannabidiol (CBD) that it can be difficult to decide on the ideal one for you.

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